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Our Beef

Like a fine wine, location matters when creating a quality eating experience. That’s why our cattle call the lush, green grass in the heart of the Kansas Flint Hills home. Our premium beef comes from our own Red Angus cattle raised primarily on sunlight, rain water and grass. Cattle spend the majority of their life grazing native Flint Hills grass. Local corn and grains are added to their diet during the final finishing stage to create beef rich in flavor and marbling for an optimum eating experience. Our beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days and vacuum packaged for premium freshness and quality.

Mushrush Family Meats premium Red Angus beef is minimally processed with:

Red Angus...our breed of choice

Just like there are several different varieties of wine, not all of them create an equal tasting experience. The same goes for breeds of cattle - not all breeds are created equal when it comes to producing premium beef for a satisfying eating experience. When it comes to choosing a breed that will give you tender, juicy, and rich flavor, the breed of choice is Red Angus. Genetically, Red Angus cattle only differ from Black Angus by the recessive red hide, thus producing beef very similar in taste and quality.

However, many branded beef programs that are marketed based off of a specific breed actually qualify for the program because of their hide color not their genetic makeup! This is why we are strong advocates for Red Angus beef, because the breed has led the industry in developing genetically verified certification programs so the beef you buy actually matches the label.

Marbling and Aging...the real difference of Mushrush Family Meats

Apart from genetics, marbling is probably the next big key ingredient that gives beef its exceptional flavor. Generally speaking, beef with more marbling tastes better. Next comes the length in which the beef is aged. “Aging” is a term used to describe a natural enzymatic process that produces beef with a unique, rich flavor and exceptional tenderness. If you’ve never tasted beef with quality marbling and aging, Mushrush Family Meats is your source for premium beef that will create an eating experience you will never forget.

Cattle Management and Care

  • Cattle are observed daily to ensure good health and comfort. The majority of their life is spent grazing in the Flint Hills of Kansas.
  • Quality grass, grains, and fresh water are always provided for good cattle nutrition.
  • We consult with our knowledgeable veterinarians when the care needed for of our animals is beyond our expertise.
  • Humane cattle handling is utilized at all times. Several members of the Mushrush Family Meats crew have been trained in third party welfare programs targeted at the proper care and handling of cattle.
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