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Thankful for Life Lessons

This Thanksgiving, I am particularly thankful for the life lessons which are taught to my kids through living and working on a three generation ranch.   One of the opportunities for learning life lessons comes about when raising bucket calves.  With two calving seasons – spring and fall – we almost always have bucket calves – also known as little calves in need of human mamas.   Whether they were born a twin or had the misfortune of losing their mama to illness, we take these little calves in, give them each a name and make them members of our family.  It’s fun to watch each calf attach to their new mama (or kid), develop a personality and grow alongside each kid.  Through the bucket calves, the girls learn responsibility, dedication, hard work and care and compassion for animals.

And though the girls might complain a little here and there, they understand the importance of what they are doing.  EVERY morning and EVERY night — school day, holiday, or weekend  – out the door they go, because “ The babies must eat!”  Even when its early before school and the sun has yet to rise, the girls go out and get the job done because “The babies must eat!”

To the girls, the calves are their babies and they take the responsibility of caring for them very seriously with the great expectation, that one day, maybe their bucket calf will grow up to be a great breeding bull or breeding heifer.   I think that’s what we all hope, as parents.  That our children will grow up and be great because of the care and influence we had in their lives.   So thank you little baby bucket calves.  You’re helping me raise great kids.

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